An HSG is a simple and non-invasive procedure

An HSG is a simple and non-invasive procedure

Combined with other tests, the results of the HSG allow your doctor select the best treatment for you. In some cases, it may help you get pregnant.

What is an HSG?

An HSG is part of your fertility workup. It is used to see if your fallopian tubes are open (patent) and if the uterine cavity is normal. A clear fluid called contrast medium is slowly infused into your uterus and tubes while images are taken using x-rays.

  • Why check the fallopian tubes?  Tubal blockages can stop sperm from reaching the egg and prevent fertilisation (see image below). At least one patent tube is needed for spontaneous fertilisation.
  • Why check the uterine cavity?  Uterine abnormalities may also lead to fertility issues such as abnormal shape, adhesions, benign tumors, etc.

The sperm journey to the egg & fertilization

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