An HSG is usually done in less than 15 minutes

An HSG is usually done in less than 15 minutes

The procedure will be performed by your radiologist or your gynecologist in a radiology clinic.

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HSG Procedure

Preparation: You will be positioned on the x-ray table and bring your legs up into a gynaecological position. A speculum will be gently inserted. The cervix will be cleansed. The procedure can then start.

1. A thin plastic tube (called a catheter) is passed into the cervix.
2. The contrast fluid is slowly infused through the thin tube into your uterus.
3. The progress of the contrast fluid is followed with the x-ray machine and images are taken.
4. Instruments are gently removed.

When to perform an HSG?

An HSG is performed after your menstrual period and before ovulation (ideally before the 12th day of the menstrual cycle for women with a regular cycle of 28 days). The timing ensures that you are not pregnant when undergoing HSG. Your doctor may also advise avoiding intercourse from the first day of your menstrual cycle until the HSG and/or perform a pregnancy test before the procedure.


Note: an HSG does not involve anesthesia. It is usually done in less than 15 minutes. You may expect to be around for about 30 minutes with the preparation time.

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