Fertility management & COVID-19

Fertility management & COVID-19

Answering your questions about fertility diagnostics & treatments during the pandemic.

Since March 2020, fertility management services have closed with treatments or diagnostics being cancelled or postponed globally. Now, key scientific societies in the field of Human Reproduction, such as ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology), IFFS (International Federation of Fertility Societies) & ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medecine) jointly issued recommendations on how to restart fertility care.1,2,3 Therefore, fertility services, including HSG procedures, have reopened, depending on local pandemic situation & recommendations. 



An international campaign answering your questions 

This very 1st worldwide awareness campaign, launched by the International Federation of the Fertility Societies (IFFS), post covid, encourages fertility patients to contact their healthcare teams, seek advice and establish a plan for diagnostic tests and treatment in the pursuit of their care.

Dr. Edgar Mocanu, President-elect of the IFFS
" Reproductive healthcare professionals are in a special position to advise their patients during the pandemic, helping them decide whether now is the right time to pursue their family dreams and establish a plan deciding when to proceed with diagnostic tests and fertility treatments "

Dr. Edgar Mocanu, President-elect of the IFFS Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Rotunda Hospital

COVID-19 during pregnancy

Most women who become pregnant can expect a safe, successful outcome. The COVID-19 pandemic may pose unique and unpredictable challenges for women who become infected during pregnancy, and your healthcare provider is best positioned to advise.

Questions to ask during your consultation:
• Is now the right time for me to consider pregnancy?
• What are the specific pregnancy-related health risks?
• Are there any risks posed to pregnant women with COVID-19?
• What is known about potential risks to my baby if I become infected?


See the infographic from IFFS

Want to learn more about fertility & pregnancy during the pandemic? Visit the patients resources centre from the International Federation of Fertility Societies. 

In some women, there is an increase in pregnancy rates following an HSG

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